Stress: It’s the Worst

I can’t really make it any more eloquent than that.

The thing about stress is, you can’t make it go away with logical thinking. Even if you know you’re being ridiculous. Even if you know there’s nothing to be stressed about.

Especially if you know that the emotion of stress isn’t doing anything to help control whatever situation it is you’re in.

You just can’t help it. You’re still going to be stressed.

Honestly, in my opinion, logical thinking can make your stress even worse. You’re stressed about whatever it is; money, work, family, nothing in particular. Knowing logically that the stress is unnecessary is just going to make you stress out more.

The why is going to make you want to tear your hair out, if the root problem isn’t already doing enough of that for you.

So what can you do to make the stress stop?

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

The best thing would be to let go of whatever it is that’s causing your stress. Unfortunately, that’s probably not possible if you want to keep your job or your family or any modicum of normalcy in your life.

So, instead: breathe.

That sounds way too simple and cliche, but it works.


For just a few minutes, try to stop thinking about whatever it is that’s been overpowering your brain. Remember you’re alive, and whatever that looming thing is will not be important in the long run.

Even if it doesn’t go perfectly, life is going to go on. You’re going to be okay.

After you’ve finished breathing, try to mold the stressor into some sort of workable structure.

Write down small, digestible goals or steps.

Write down why it’s stressing you out, and what you can do to make that stress smaller.

Be as mindful as possible. Hold the stress in your hands. Give it a back massage. Drink a glass of wine with it. Take it to the movies.

Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge the emotions you’re feeling. Forgive yourself for feeling them.

If all else fails, eat a pound of chocolate and watch a Netflix comedy. While you’re laughing through your nose, chocolate flakes dusting your lap, it will be easier to remember that everything is going to turn out fine.

Featured image by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

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