I’m Lindsey, a 28-year-old person who is existing currently on this planet.

Here is a photo of me trying on basketball merch at my first-ever Bull’s game.

I bought it. Couldn’t resist the pom.

All I’ve ever done my entire life is read and write.

That’s not entirely true, but it is mostly true, so I feel ok saying it.

I love books, and stories, and most of all, words. Words are malleable.

I also love places.

Places are extensions of the people who live in them, and vice-versa.

(Though I doubt anyone lives in the location pictured, as it is a resort in Cancun and not a residential area).

I am an extension of a tiny town in Southeast Missouri.

Recently, I was amputated from the country and dropped into the mega-tropolis that is Chicago.

The transition has been, as they say, life-changing.

I’ve eaten more charcuterie boards than I can digest. The cocktails are priced to match the age in which you are allowed to consume them. It’s really cold.

The gluttony of experience is what lead me to create this blog. (That, and the hubris.)

Please indulge me and indulge with me.

All photos by me, unless stated otherwise.